Brown Hyena

Order Carnivora
Family Hyaenidae
Genus Hyaena
Species Brunnea
Height 27-36 inches
Weight 65-80 pounds
Lifespan Upto 20 years


There are four members that make the Hyaenidae family: Spotted Hyena (crocuta crocuta), Striped Hyena (hyaena hyaena), Brown Hyaena ( hyaena brunnea) and the Aardwolf (proteles cristatus).

Brown Hyenas are more closely related to the striped hyena rather than the spotted. Like all hyena species they have taller forelegs than hindlegs causing a sloping body, broad head, powerful jaws and a rough coat.

Although Brown Hyenas mostly scavenge from the kills of other animals, they can also hunt themselves. They will eat a wide range including large mammals such as antelopes, insects, birds, fruit and vegetables.




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