Order Carnivora
Family Felidae
Genus Panthera
Species Tigris
Height 85-95 cms
Weight 200-400 kgs
Lifespan 15+ years
Habitat Varied forests and swamps


Balinese Tiger (P.t. balica) (Ex)
Bengal Tiger (P.t. tigris)
Caspian Tiger (P.t. virgata) (Ex)
Indo-Chinese Tiger (P.t. corbetti)
Javan Tiger (P.t. sondaica)
Siberian Tiger (P.t. altaica)
South-Chinese Tiger (P.t. amoyensis) (Ex)
Sumatran Tiger (P.t. sumatrae)

Tigers are the largest of the big cats, with the Siberian Tiger being the largest tiger sub-species.

Tigers inhabit parts of Asia such as India, Northeast China, Siberia, Indonesia and Korea. Out of the 8 sub-species three are now extinct. The Bengal Tiger is known to have the largest population, thought to be approximately 5,000 in the wild. A high percentage of these are in the tiger reserves of India.

The kings of the jungle live in dense forests where their striped coat provides good camouflage when stalking their prey through the dense vegetation. They donít chase their prey for long periods like the Cheetah. Instead they stalk their prey for as long as possible before bounding a leap. They are usually nocturnal hunters and their prey consists mainly of deer especially sambar deer.

Unlike lions, they are solitary animals, except for when a tigress is living with her cubs until they are old enough to leave the family unit. They are territorial, and mark their territory by spraying or marking the trees with their claws.

They have excellent hearing and very good night vision. Unlike the other big cats tigers like the water and often go swimming to cool off from the hot sun.

For information on the status of the Tiger, please visit our Endangered Section.

Tiger cubs weigh 2-3 pounds when born

Siberian Tigers have a much longer and thicker coat.

Male Tigers have thicker whiskers than females.

Siberian Tigers can weigh up to 600 hundred pounds.


BOOKS ON TIGERS Amazon.co.uk

Track of the Tiger : Legend and Lore of the Great Cat

Author: Maurice Hornocker (Editor)
Presents nine essays on the great cat by American and international nature writers, scientists, and renowned experts accompanied by photographs from a variety of nature and wildlife photographers.

Endangered!: Tigers

Author: Amanda Harman
Tigers are unmistakable, and at one time the spectacular cats could be found all over Asia. Today they are on the verge of extinction. Find out how they live, why they are endangered and how people are trying to save them.

Natural World: Tiger

Author: Valmik Thapar
Follow a Bengal tiger as it takes its first steps through life in the forests of India. Discover how the tigress teaches her cubs to stalk, kill and eat their prey; join the cubs as they grow up and find their own territories and find out about the threats facing tigers and what can be done to protect them. This book is one of a series, which explores the lives of some of the world's wild animals through their life cycles, natural habitats, food chains and the threats that they face daily. It is endorsed by the Worldwide Fund for Nature.

Land of the Tiger

Author: Valmik Thapar
This is an exploration of the extraordinarily diverse natural history of the vast area covered by the Indian subcontinent, which extends from Pakistan in the west to Burma in the east, and stretches north to encompass the Himalayan kingdoms of Bhutan and Nepal. Brown and black bears and the snow leopard stalk the icy mountains of the Himalayas, while the great northern river plain of India is home to wild buffalo, elephants, and the one-horned rhinoceros. From the hills of the Western Ghats filled with monkeys and and flying lizards to the boiling deserts teeming with black buck and wild asses, and from the exotic islands of Sri Lanka, the Andamans and Nicobar to the tiger-haunted forests of the mainland, the book documents some of the world's most exotic wildlife habitats.

Wild Tigers of Ranghambhore

Author: Valmik Thapar
Through paragraphs by Fateh Singh Rathore and Valmik Thapar, and essay and fact sheets, this book illustrates the fate of the tiger from the early days of Ranthambore Sanctuary and Project Tiger, through to the present, taking a look into the future of the tiger into the new millennium.

The Year of the Tiger

Author: Michael Nichols, Geoffrey C. Ward
Celebrates the magnificent tigers of the wild in a series of photographs that also document the threats to their natural habitat.

Tiger : Habitats, Life Cycles, Food Chains, Threats (Natural World (Austin, Tex.).)

Author: Valmik Thapar
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Library Binding - 48 pages (August 1999)
Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers; ISBN: 0739810553


The Tiger (Endangered Animals & Habitats)

Author: Stuart P. Levine
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover (June 1998)
Lucent Books; ISBN: 156006465X


Save the Tiger

Author: Jill Bailey, Alan Baker (Illustrator)
A series that looks at some of the world's threatened animal species - the problems of survival for the animals themselves, the reasons behind their decline and the efforts being made to ensure their survival - told through the eyes of the poacher, warden and naturalist. This volume focuses on the tiger, of which there are six surviving races. Between them they total some 6400 animals which represents a drastic decline in numbers from 100,000 recorded in 1930.



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