Rock Hyrax

Order Hyracoidea
Family Procaviidae
Genus Procavia
Species Abyssinian hyrax (P. habessinica)
Cape hyrax (P. capensis)
Johnston’s hyrax (P. welwitschii)
Western hyrax (P. ruficeps)
Height 25-30cms
Weight 2.5-3.5kgs
Lifespan Upto 12 years
Habitat Forests, woodlands, rocky outcrops


Though hyraxes look like rodents, their closest relative is supposed to be the elephant! Their natural habitat is throughout Africa. They comprise of 3 genera – the Procavia and Heterohyrax which are ground dwelling and the Dendrohyrax which is tree dwelling.

They have roundish bodies, with short legs and tail, rounded ears, dark eyes and stiff whiskers. They have special paws, specially adapted with an area that acts as a suction pad to aid them when running or climbing. They have excellent sense of sight, smell and hearing.

Rock hyraxes live in colonies in the rocky cliffs and outcrops, finding shelter in the cracks and burrows and they feed mainly on grass.

Rock hyraxes are also known as Dassies




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