Striped Hyena

Order Carnivora
Family Hyaenidae
Genus Hyaena
Species Hyaena
Height 70-80 cms
Weight 40-50kgs
Lifespan Upto 20 years
Habitat Woodlands and savannahs


Except for their striped coat, striped hyenas look very similar to spotted hyenas with their sloping stance, broad head and rough coat. They are smaller and a lot quieter than their spotted cousins.

They live in more Northern parts of Africa in the woodlands and bushlands, avoiding lions and spotted hyenas. They prey on small mammals, and also eat insects, lizards and fruit.

Again, unlike their relatives they donít live in huge packs but are mainly solitary living singly or in pairs.


Striped Hyena Links

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Homepage dedicated to Hyenas with info on Brown, Spotted and Striped Hyenas. (Above picture courtesy of The Hyena Page website)



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