Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae
Genus Connochaetes
Species Black Wildebeest or White-Tailed Gnu (C. gnou )

Blue Wildebeest or Brindled Gnu (C. taurinus)
Height 1.2-1.4 metres
Weight 160-280 kgs
Lifespan Upto 20 years
Habitat Grasslands and slighty wooded regions


Blue Wildebeest subspecies are:
Blue wildebeest (C.t. taurinus)
Cooksonís wildebeest (C.t. cooksoni)
White-bearded wildebeest (C.t. mearnsi)

Wildesbeet are also known as Gnu named after the animalís bellow. The front of their bodies is higher than the back half, giving a sloping appearance and like their species name they have a beard of hair under their throat (connochaetes) and their faces resemble that of a bull (taurinus). The colour of their beard varies from white to black.

They are very widespread across the grasslands and wooded areas of Africa, living in huge herds. They mainly feed on grasses and are known for their annual migration. Each year, hundreds of thousands of them will travel miles, along with with other animals such as the Zebra and Gazelle, in search of fresh pastures. Starting in the Serengeti they will travel North to the Masai Mara, where they will reside for a couple of months. Then when the short rains come they will travel back South to the Serengeti.

There are two species of Wildebeest. The Black Wildebeest (connochaetes gnou) also known as the white-tailed gnu and the Blue Wildebeest (connochaetes taurinus) also known as the Brindled Gnu.

Both sexes of Wildebeest have horns

Wildebeest are ruminants meaning they have 4 stomach chambers

Calves can stand and walk within a few minutes of being born




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