Cape Buffalo

Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae
Genus Syncerus
Species Caffer
Height 130-180 cms
Weight 500-700kgs
Lifespan Upto 20 years
Habitat Open Plains and grasslands


Cape Buffalo are known for their massive horns which start as a thick broad base and then curve downwards, up and inwawrds. They are one of the largest of the land animals males can weigh upto 900kg (2000 lb).

They live in open plains aswell as woodlands and forests. They eat grasses and leaves, and are dependent on water, drinking at least once a day. The number of buffalo in a herd can differ, but can be several hundreds.

Due to hunting and disease their numbers have decreased over recent years.

Cape Buffalo are very dangerous and have been responsible for many injuries and deaths to humans

Cape Buffalo can run up to 35mph

Their name Syncerus means "together horns"

The horns of the Cape Buffalo are an good indication of age and gender.

They can live in herds of upto a 2000 animals




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