Endangered Species

Hunting, poaching and loss of habitat have all played a part in the decline of several species, causing them to be in danger of extinction. But how many animals are endangered?
Worldwide orangisations now play a major part in protecting endangered species. Information on these organisations and links to their websites.

Three out of the eight sub-species of tigers are now extinct. The five remaining sub-species are also in danger of becoming extinct. Due to poaching their numbers have dramatically declined and despite the warnings poaching still continues.

In the 1970s the demand for rhino horn, to be carved into dagger handles, caused a major decline for this animal. A ban in rhino horn trade is now in place, but the trade still exists on the black market.

Coming Soon - Elephant
Over the years elephants have been subject to hunting as trophies and poaching for their ivory.
This along with loss of habitat has caused their decline in numbers.

Coming Soon - Other Species
Wolf, Mountain Gorilla, Orangutan, Otter, to name just a few of the many endangered species.
Information and other Endangered Species links which you may find useful.


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