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Longleat Parrots Get A Warming Treat
Submitted 27/02/2009 11:39:51

Archie the Parrot enjoying some of the Porridge

With recent heavy snowfall on the Longleat Estate and temperatures falling well below freezing, life is looking up for the Longleat parrots as keepers have been giving them warming bowls of porridge.

Rob Savin who looks after the Pets Corner Parrots explained “Although the Macaws would traditionally come from hotter climes, this group has all been captive bred and so are well adjusted to the variables of the British weather.

“We always try to give all our animals a variable diet though often bringing in seasonal treats from fruit based lollies in the summer to porridge in the winter and the parrots are just loving this latest recipe.

“We mix the oats with hot water and then add fruit such as bananas, strawberries and raisins along with vitamin supplements to ensure that they are receiving a balanced diet.

“The mix is obviously spot on for this group - as soon as we walk in their direction the noise level shoots up, there is wing flapping, Archie blows kisses and Bobby swings upside down - it is all attention seeking to get first dibs at the food!”

The majority of macaws are now endangered in the wild through habitat destruction and man. The Longleat Parrots take part in daily ‘Bird Shows’ where visitors can experience first hand the ingenuity and intelligence of these birds. They are ambassadors to the future conservation of these species with up to 500,000 visitors at Longleat seeing them each year.

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